Insurance is a necessary part of our modern world. In many ways, our civilization couldn’t rationally function without. Because of insurance we are able to mitigate many more risks that allow all of us, as a whole, to go on with our lives every day. However, that doesn’t mean every form of insurance is worth having. Many are, frankly, a waste of money. So if you’re living in Florida, this article is for you. It will describe the most popular forms of Florida insurance so you have a better idea of what policies you need. After you read it you can contact a Florida Insurance company to get a quote.

Homeowners Insurance

This one’s easy. If you own a home or are in the process of purchasing one, you need homeowners insurance. It’s as simple as that. There are a number of reasons for this though. First, just think about the weather in Florida. If you’re living on or near any of the coasts, you can be at risk of a hurricane. Those storms will tear through your house and insurance is the only way to get back on your feet. But there are also tropical storms that can make their way inland, many of which trigger flooding.

Secondly, if you want a mortgage then homeowners is a form of Florida insurance you can’t go without. No banks is going to invest thousands of dollars in your home if you’re not willing to insure it.

Auto Insurance

Here’s another no brainer. When it comes to Florida insurance, here’s one you absolutely have to have. No, seriously. It’s legally required for you to operate a car. If you get behind the wheel without having car insurance, you can expect a very hefty fine. Even if you’re a great driver, you never know who can cause an accident and leave you in hot water for not having Florida auto insurance. Here’s 4 more reasons to have car insurance.

Marine Inland Insurance

Admittedly, this is a type of Florida insurance that not everyone needs. But if you operate a business that involves transporting equipment, you should think about it. Technically, this form of insurance was originally for marine vessels (hence the name), but nowadays it’s for any property that gets made mobile. So you could use it for just about anything you own, but it probably makes the most sense for business owners.

Liability Insurance

This insurance essentially covers all your bases should you ever be sued for things that could basically happen to anybody (so, no, this won’t cover you for malpractice, for example). There’s also such thing as Umbrella Liability, which really covers every last thing you can think of. Accidents do happen, after all, so it’s important to be prepared. Furthermore, sad as it is to say, we live in a very litigious culture. People will sue for just about anything these days, so it can help to have home insurance Florida specific coverage.

While there are a number of other types of insurance out there, these 4 are probably the best 4 forms of Florida insurance for you to think about. Be sure to consider whom you receive your insurance from too. Don’t be afraid to shop around.