It is near impossible to generalize and state that some Florida homeowners insurance companies offer better rates than others. No single insurer can claim to have the best rates for all homeowners across the state. It is true that some insurers have costlier policies than others. It is also true that some insurers have more comprehensive coverage than others. However, you cannot forget or dismiss the context and make a broad assumption. Only actual contextual and factual comparison will tell you if a particular insurer has a more affordable policy vis-à-vis other Florida homeowners insurance companies. 

Let us consider the two largest insurers in the state, Universal and Citizen’s. The latter is better rated according to but the former has more policies in force. This clearly implies that Universal has more affordable policies than Citizens. However, if you have certain installations in your property then Citizen’s may emerge as a more affordable option for you. Properties that have storm shutters, fire alarms, anti theft alarms and other security features, sturdy impact resistant doors and windows, stronger roofs or other features that make a house less vulnerable to damage caused by natural events will get substantial discounts on the premiums from Citizen’s. Universal would also offer discounts so you would have to really see what they put forth and compare the propositions. 

It is not uncommon for homeowners to simply prioritize the cheapest rates without considering the extent of coverage. An insurer like St. Johns has affordable premiums but it is not one of those Florida homeowners insurance companies that also deal in other types of policies. Hence, if you would like to combine home insurance with others and expect a multi-policy discount, then St. Johns is not your option. Context is very important. Florida Peninsula has been a preferred local insurer for many in recent years but it does not have policies for every city, town, district or area across the state. It is possible you would come across a favorable policy from this insurer but it may not be relevant for the location where your house is. 

You must also make a note of the fact that the same Florida homeowners insurance companies with would have different kinds of annual premiums as they move away from the coast or in regions that are less vulnerable to hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires among other natural threats. All major and lesser known insurance companies will have this variation.