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February 20, 2015

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This Week At SBMS

February 17 - 20, 2015

Yakumo Academy Returns!

Yakumo Academy, Tokyo

Dalai Lama and Yakumo

Returning for the third year in a row, 175 9th grade girls will visit SBMS during their graduation trek through southern California. Songs, dances, and games will be part of the cultural exchange between SBMS children and the Yakumo students. Arigato.

Mommy & Me

10:00am - 11:00am
March 6


"The closer we turn"

100% means everyone.
Toddler's 33% + Sycamore's 57% + Willow's 71% + Red Oak's 68% + Sequoia's 71% + Magnolia's 86% = 71%...In a village of 100 people...

Giving Letter Donors List

Our Paperwork / Your Paperwork

February 27, 2015.
Re-Enrollment (Save $500/child?)

The paperwork involved is multi-layered, of course. On one hand it's just paper? But the school has its paperwork, too, which has to do with employees, and lease options, budgets, operating costs, capital improvements, and whether to retain the bus service, or not-things that directly affect everyone. Thank you for your understanding and timeliness. Friday next is the day!

Primary Night

Tuesday, Feb. 24     5:00pm - 6:30pm

The PRIMARY NIGHT experience is your opportunity to visit your child's class at their direction as they share with you some of their activities. They will be your narrator and guides in their classroom. Remember, the classroom is NOT a photo op. What the classroom is, is a sanctuary of solemn serenity slowly evolving into your child's special experience, with you, not the camera. That part last week about scheduled times, turns out at the Primary level there are no scheduled times, although earlier may be better?

Elementary Night

Wednesday, Feb. 25,  6:00pm?; 6:30pm?

The ELEMENTARY NIGHT experience is your opportunity to visit your child's class, at their direction, as they too will share with you some of their school activities. You, will be scheduled for your 'seating.' A few of you will be double booked, with children in both elementary classrooms. The nature of the activities gets very involved (Cube root? Really? Yes! Cube root!) Please arrange alternative activities for any younger siblings or check with the office to find out what's going on with evening day care?

Erdkinder Night / junior high!

Wednesday, April 22      6:00pm

Montessori Model United Nations - Living History Night
You'll notice the gap of time between the Primary and Elementary evenings, and this scheduled Erdkinder experience. The United Nations 'thing' is in the way. New York City! The students are still preparing. In addition to all of their 'other' work they're also researching/reporting/rehearsing their presentations of Iraq, Libya, and Haiti (assigned by MMUN folks, not chosen by us).

This evening presentation is meant for adults, rather than your entire family-though younger children might be amazed, and elementary student will likely be motivated; it's more 'lecture'-based and interview style experiences the students will relate. A living 'history fair?' Hmmm, that might begin to describe it.

Positive Discipline Parenting Classes

Next series of 6 classes begins in April

Call 805-685-7600, or email to RSVP.

Love Boat - Friday, May 15 6:30pm

Annual Auction Extravaganza
The Love Boat!

Three things to PLAN: Online Auction; Live Auction; e-Book
This remarkable sea-cruise adventure includes our triple whammy of entertainment and fundraising. Coral Casino. Love Boat. Us. Online. Live. eBook.

ONLINE AUCTION: Each SBMS family provides (gathers/solicits/collects) three 'things' for the Online Auction. Three. 3. Of course, four is OK, five is fine, six is spectacular, seven is over the top fantastic. Must be delivered to SBMS before April 25. Please. Order entry is demanding. Time consuming. Help us to help you. PLAN.

LIVE AUCTION: Bill Pintard returns. Craig Angell returns with a custom-shaped SBMS surfboard. Each SBMS class returns with their own special 'project.' Remarkable. Holiday Program front-row seating returns. PLAN. No dancing on the cruise. Just kidding. DJ Danny returns. Dancing all night long, returns.

eBook: Parties and experiences and events unique to SBMS. PLAN.

SBMS Welcome!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Please, welcome, Esme Landeck and her family! Esme, and her mom, Lee Lopez, and father, Jeffrey Landeck are driving from Santa Ynez valley every morning to SBMS's corner of the world. Esme has joined SBMS's lower elementary class, so if you have the opportunity please extend your welcome their way. Watch this week's video and notice Esme leaping home to score a run...check out her swing, too!

Parent Conferences


Schedules are being arranged, now, and will be sent via SUG sooner than later. Stay tuned for your day and time, taking note there are two days of no school separated by one complete week of school.

SBMS Calendar Dates as of 1/9/2015

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