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August 29, 2014

One HOT week of Hurricane Marie

SBMS This Week - In Pictures!

This Week at SBMS

New / Different / Just for next week...ADM!
All Day Montessori
The Different ADM begins Tuesday, Sept. 2
RSVP - Pre-Registration is a must!

SBMS families needing ADM for next week, 9/2 - 9/5 must RSVP immediately to hold their child's place in ADM. Call the office or email the office. Primary and or Lower Elementary (Upper Elementary is at "Headlands").

The New / Different After School Classes      New ASC!
ASC begins Monday Sept. 8
New Forms, additional classes, 7-Week schedule

Maybe you signed up this week for the classes that were scheduled to begin Sept. 15, well, that means you get a week for free! It's true. Make sure your child is signed up for ASC that begins Sept. 8. Space is limited. Minimums and maximums will apply to class sizes. 1st signed up is first. Last could be too late.

Login to download the the Fall 2014 ASC/ADM Form on the Current Parents page of the website.

The New / Regular All Day Montessori     New ADM!
ADM begins Monday Sept. 8

(Regular ADM is different than last year)
New Procedures All ADM children must be Pre-Registered

Please, the launch of this new program has stumbled, but it's beginning to make sense. It's different. It's efficient. It's child-friendly. It's teacher helpful. It will likely take some getting used to, but if you sign-up your child now, they won't miss out on the great experiences available for ASC and ADM.

Lunch Program

Login to download the Fall 2014 Lunch Order Form, Silvergreens Program Update, Silvergreens Ordering Information on the Current Parents page of the website.

Families can always prepare, pack and tote lunches to school, with sign-ups for Pasta on Mondays, Silvergreens Tues-Thurs, and Pizza on Fridays. Information and sign-ups are attached, and will be available at Parent Night.

SBMS Parent Night Re-Cap
Monday night's meeting...

Santa Barbara Montessori School begins its 40th year, right now...

Enclosed in your packet of information is my edit of an article that appeared in "The Guardian" a few weeks ago. The article mentions the influences in the life of Google's Larry Page. There were two big influences in his life; one was his grandfather and the other was Maria Montessori. Turns out Larry and I have a commonality...

Page and his fellow Google co-founder Sergei Brin, both were Montessorians through junior high school; their experiences as Montessori children had a profound impact upon their lives, and continues to resonate today in the development of their business and Googles' products and services.

I have before referred to Google and Google's search engine, as a Montessori tool, I have likened it to a Montessori material like the ones your children will be using on Wednesday...I've also referred to Google's work place as an extended Montessori classroom, and my point hasn't been to suggest your children will become Larry Pages or Sergei Brins, it's more that Mr. Page and Mr. Brin acknowledge it was their Montessori experiences that helped to them to create the changes, the differences, and the motivations for the company they developed...

My point in referring to the Google model has little to do with business success or any of us or your children becoming billionaires, but more the question of where does this change come from? Where does this shift occur, isn't it fascinating how a paradigm of generations dissolves into a completely different experience.

Page and Brin say "Montessori" is their reason, they acknowledge their Montessori classrooms as the opportunity that has instigated this cultural shift. As does Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, and Jeff Bezos of Amazon. The world was one way, and then it isn't. Everyone was doing that, now they're doing this. A cultural shift, a way of living changes, and develops into a whole new experience.

This change is the result of letting the individual child discover their own self. Their ideas. Their projects. Their abilities. Their discoveries. Maria Montessori designed materials, developed activities, created presentations for young children and carefully orchestrated lessons and an entire curricula for older children, and then on top of all she did for children, she realized her own personal limitations and thus developed the process to specifically train qualified adults to carry on her "teachings" in classrooms around the world. That's when AMI came into existence in 1929 in order to develop the teacher-training programs that, like her classrooms, have spread around the world.

Maria Montessori believed children are the agents of change. Each individual child, thriving within a community of collaborative creativity develops beyond their own ability by creating something beyond their own individual limits...they change and develop, their classmates change and develop and the world changes with them.

Tonight, beginning the school's 40th year, we have a few changes ourselves, set out with a new Board of Trustees and a newly re-formed Parent Association, in a refreshed effort of collaboration and community building. SBMS's growth and development will continue, and its legacy will be established through the sustainability and value of its genuine Montessori programs.

My name is Jim Fitzpatrick, and I'm proud of my involvement with the school and the accomplishments of the children and families over these past 39 years...40 years ago Frances and I sat in one of the cottages at the Miramar Hotel and typed, individually, letters to all of the churches in Santa Barbara..."Hi, we're interested in starting a Montessori school in your facility, could we meet with you to discuss the possibility..." Thank you, Father Challinor for saying, "Yes."

Much has changed over these past 40 years; the value and the impact of Montessori has been an essential ingredient in helping the paradigm shift in education, in business development, in shopping, in information exchange...your children, like Page and Brin were, are being prepared for the future each and every day at SBMS.

Thank you for being here tonight, and thank you for your commitment to your's to this new school year, the school's 40th!

It's my pleasure to introduce our new Board of Trustees, beginning with Melissa Moreno, some will remember that Melissa was our business manager for several years...she's now a Dean at SBCC, and is also a professor at the school and she teaches a class on Monday night, she asked me to read this to you...

It is an honor to be able to serve the SBMS community in this new role as a Board member, on the heels of SBMS providing my now 21-year-old daughter, Jenna, an exceptional education for 12 years. Jenna is an incredible human being, in large part because of what SBMS has to offer. She is entering her senior year as an environmental engineer at Cal Poly and I could not be more proud of her, nor more thankful to SBMS for its contribution to her development and growth. She is a shining example of what every student at SBMS will become. I look forward to meeting you in person, and serving you and the school in my best capacity.

Following the reading of Melissa's comment, Frances Fitzpatrick introduced herself, explaining she is the one remaining board member from the previous BOT, able to provide the new BOT her historical perspective as one of the school's founders. She introduced her sister, Margaret Barlow. Margaret explained her involvement with committees and working with the Board of Trustees at Alquin School in Dallas, TX, where she taught for 12 years before returning to SBMS. Margaret introduced Lee Wardlaw Jaffurs, local children's author and SBMS alumni parent, who mentioned her son Patterson is readying to leave for the University of Santa Clara after graduating in June from SBHS after his graduation from SBMS. Lee also mentioned her enthusiasm for Montessori education led her to attend and graduate from the Montessori Institute of San Diego. Lee then introduced Dr. Mark Montgomery, who expressed his gratitude for SBMS's contributions to his three children, and now his opportunity to give back to the school by becoming a member of the board.

Mark then introduced the newly reformed SBMS Parent Association co-chairs, Pearl Downing and Ellen Borden. Pearl explained all parents are members of the PA, there is no fee and no paperwork to fill out. She expressed her gratitude for all those able to participate in the Volunteer Work Party, and also mentioned the upcoming events that PA volunteers will be able to participate in.

Jim Fitzpatrick then introduced the head teachers, beginning with the Erdkinder's Allwyn Fitzpatrick, who mentioned her 12 years of differing positions at SBMS, and then introduced, "My mother, Frances, who has taught me so much about the importance of...of...of everything," Frances introduced Juniper Dwight, who mentioned her early days at SBMS as a 'mom,' and then as the garden teacher, and then heading off to Denver, CO to receive her AMI training from Liz Hall. Margaret Barlow was introduced by Juniper and Margaret mentioned her early days at SBMS after her training from the AMI Institute in Los Angeles, Margaret's son attended SBMS, and then after his graduation from Carpinteria High School Margaret moved to Dallas, TX. Cindi Kessel was then introduced by Margaret, and Cindi pointed out it was Lee Jaffurs who brought Cindi to the world of child care by hiring her to care for Patterson when he was very young. While traveling in Europe she received an email from Jim Fitzpatrick who wanted to hire her for a classroom assistant position, all that before she received her AMI training at MISD.

The teachers and their assistants were sent to their classrooms, the support staff was introduced, and then everyone dispersed to receive specific information from their child's teachers. Bravo!

Great appreciations to the PA volunteers who were able to prepare the puu-puus and then break down Alumni Hall. Thank you!

Annual School Picnic
Sunday, Sept. 21
All SBMSers @ SBMS

PA - Games / Activities / Organizers

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