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January 23, 2015

Re-Enrollment is NOW! 2015 - 2016 begins today!

Mommy & Me (Dads, too!)

10:00am - 11:00am
Jan. 30, Feb. 6, 20, 27


Thank you, to those already donating, your generosity helps carry the campaign into the New Year.

SBMS's donations to date: 61%
Toddler's 33% + Sycamore's 52% + Willow's 53% + Red Oak's 77% + Sequoia's 60% + Magnolia's 75% = 61%...We're 3/5ths of our way to our goal!

Each tax-deductible donation benefits each child in the school, immediately. There is no "wait time," every tax-deductible donation received this year benefits each child, now, enhancing their current classroom as well as the classrooms they'll be part of as they develop. Over the past 25 years SBMS's Annual Giving Campaign donations have ranged from $100 to $50,000. Your donation, along with the support of others, provides for our goal of 100% participation. Again this year, like last year and the years before, our goal is always for each and every family to participate at a level that is comfortable for them. 100% is what we expect from the children, every day, and most days they're busily giving 110%!

The past successes of SBMS's Annual Giving Campaigns have provided the resources necessary to enhance the AMI Toddler program, expand and enhance the environments for the AMI Primary Program, expand the AMI Elementary classrooms, and enhance the only Montessori junior high program in our community. Just as last year's campaign helped this year's improvements, the 2014-2015 campaign underwrites SBMS's current programs and those of the future. Your child's tomorrow truly does begin today. Support SBMS and support your child's future.

Please note the attached list of this year's donors based upon the information we've collected, so far. Please, notify the office of any omissions or mistakes in the current listing of donors, and THANK YOU to those able to donate.

Giving Letter Donors List's Re-Enrollment time!

The 2015-2016 school year begins, now...well, over the next few weeks, anyway.

Forms and other paperwork to hold your child's place for the 2015-2016 school year were distributed at school today. If you have more than one child at SBMS then your oldest child was presented with a labeled envelope. Enclosed, there should be forms for each child, and a Pink Notice.

The ENROLLMENT AGREEMENT is your 'contract.' Filling it out and returning with the required $500 tuition advance secures your child's place in the school for 2015-2016. Before you do, consider the importance of the information in the Pink Notice.

With the 'contract' please include the Program Options form-the information depends upon the age of your child, and whether you'll choose other services, as well as your indication of which payment option you'll prefer. Those two completed forms, signed, with the $500 tuition advance payment, if returned on or before Friday, February 27, 2015, entitle you to the Early Enrollment Tuition, a savings of $500/tuition! (See the Pink Notice!).

STA Bus Service 2015 - 2016 ? Questionnaire-Blue form

SBMS has provided bus service for the past 10 years to families throughout the community. Despite all the positives our bus service provides, beyond the convenience and benefit to our local environment, the bus service's expense continues to be a concern-the fees don't meet the costs, the result is a monthly loss of more than $1500.

In each Re-Enrollment packet is a "questionnaire" regarding Bus Service, ADM and ASC classes. The question is the importance of the bus service and whether families would utilize the bus service if its cost elevated to $2250 for entire year. The current fee of $1550/year results in monthly losses that are becoming more and more of a concern.

Of course, the threshold we never want to cross is one where a current bus family would explain, "Without the bus service we can't stay in the school..." We don't want that to happen.

In considering the future of the bus service or other forms of transportation to and from the campus, perhaps we need to look at the success of SBMS's classrooms which have much to do with the creativity and collaborative abilities of the teachers and the children, AND all of the rest of us, too! We can figure this out.

Given bus service, or alternative modes of transportation, our abilities to help families coordinate their travel, to and from school, to coordinate Car Pools or other solutions, will always include safety, convenience, and a lesser carbon footprint...Please, return your questionnaire form with your other paperwork, and we'll see where we end up.

Positive Discipline Parenting Classes

Tuesday, Jan. 27, first class in a series six
6:30pm - 8:00pm $175/series $75 to add parenting partner

Thank you to those families who have signed up for this first series of Positive Discipline parenting classes, we look forward to collaborating with you! A wait list for interested families is being assembled in the office, the second series of classes will likely begin before this series concludes. Please, encourage your friends, family and neighbors to contact the office if they express interest in improving their skills with their children, and yours, too!

NBA Basketball All-Star Steph Curry

George Clooney is married! Even though he's no longer an eligible bachelor, he's still a Montessori alumni! Julia Child remains with us in spirit, both as a spy, and as a chef, but also as a Montessorian. Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezos; the Founders of Google-Sergei Brin and Larry Page, and Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), they're all Montessorians, too. So, when you "Google" something you're using a Montessori tool! Really? Yes. Is your child the next George Clooney? This generation's Julia Child? Don't know, yet. What about the next Stephen Curry? Google him. Or watch this video clip!

Living Montessori: Stephen Curry & Family

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SBMS 2014-2015 Calendar Dates


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