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September 12, 2014

One Hurricane after another!

SBMS This Week - In Pictures!

This Week at SBMS

"Headlands" / Washington, DC / "Heavy Water" Huh?

Your child is three, or five or seven? How does this relate to you? Preparation. Get ready. Prepare. For decades SBMS has expanded its classrooms by traveling with children prepared for explorations beyond their family and school (sleep overs are an important experience and help prepare you child for adventures beyond your home). 30 years ago, Jason Hebel, noted dramatic actor in USC's School of Performing Arts, said, years before his days as a Trojan, "Wow! Water is so heavy!" We were camping in Yosemite Valley; Jason had carried our 5 gallon collapsible water jug to the spigot way over there..."Man! I never knew water is so heavy!"

Last week, at Headlands (Fort Cronkhite in the Golden Gate National Park on the north side of the bridge) SBMS's entire Upper Elementary Class (9-12 year olds) dealt with their own versions of "heavy water." Our hikes included challenges brought on by being there-engaged in the great outdoors. This isn't an "app," or a video or something to watch from afar, it's the real world! The Night Hike is what it is. At night. In the dark. No flashlights. It's a fantastic thing to do as homework with your children (prepare). The end of each day, topped off with evening programs and everyone readying for the next day, before crawling into our bunks (all of us; teachers, too!) for a good night's sleep (Nice!) resulting from genuine fatigue. Exhaustion?

Reading aloud into the darkness, "Turtle in Paradise," the story captivated the entire group because it's "real." Haven't read it, yet? Get ready. From the other end of the parent and family spectrum, in two weeks SBMS's Erdkinder group (7th-9th graders) departs for Washington, DC. Those trekkers have already been to Headlands, they know that bunkhouse, they recall the tidepool lab and the mess hall and the trails and hikes. The DC trip takes on a different "reality," with a different type of Night Hike-walking from the Washington Monument, past the WWII monument to the Lincoln Memorial, and then on to the Vietnam Wall-a whole new experience with distinctly specific lessons. Engaged in the uniqueness of the Nation's capital, it's monuments, its museums, its memorials, its community. Whoop, sounds like a bike ride!

"Two Houses" takes on a "real" meaning when we walk from one chamber to the next in the capitol building. Scheduled for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Museum of the American Indian, this year's trek will create a whole new set of memorable experiences preparing the students for an ever greater understanding of the political / governmental process. Here's to the wonder of "heavy water," wherever it may be.

SBMS Students at Rodeo Beach
SBMS students at Rodeo Beach

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No entry fee. Anonymous entries will be accepted at the beginning of the picnic; Numbers will be assigned to each "bowl" of guacamole. Chips will be provided. Votes will be noted and tabulated. Winners announced before the Capture the Flag game. DISPLAY is your responsibility. Presentation is up to you.

1st Prize includes a bag of DON JAIME'S ORGANIC TORTILLA CHIPS.

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