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September 25, 2015

And the heat just keeps on comin'!!!

This Week at SBMS

September 21-25

Dismissal: 2:45pm! Departures: 2:45 - 3:00pm

Arrival: 8:15 - 8:30 (except Infants) Departure: 2:45 - 3:00 (except Infants)

OPI - Olympic Park Institute - Lake Crescent, WA

Wednesday, Sept. 30, 9:00am - 10:30am
SBMS's Junior High (Erdkinder) Live Presentation

All SBMSers are invited to attend this special morning presentation by SBMS's 7th - 9th graders who recently hiked, swam, rowed and climbed through the Temperate Rain forest of the Sol Duc River, as well as the shores of Lake Crescent. Olympic Park Institute, now administered by NatureBridge, is an outdoor science center 150 miles northwest of Seattle. SBMS junior high students have been attending OPI for more than 15 years.

Whether your child is an Infant, Toddler, or in the Primary class, and especially Elementary families-this is your opportunity to look into the future and see your upcoming adolescent in action!

Refreshments will be served. Coffee and things.
RSVP for a comfortable seat!
Presentation in their classroom - Rooms 1 - 3.

SBMS School Photographs - Rebecca Farmer

Wednesday and Thursday, Oct 7 & 8

Every child is photographed.

Every child gets their photograph taken. Your decision is which 'package' you would like purchase. Group photos of each class will be available, as well as individual packets. Rebecca is an amateur volunteer known for her out-of-focus mistaken identity results. (This is a test).
Traditionally 87% of families return their forms "on time," whereas other families "lose the forms" and rush into the office the day of the photographs. (This is the second part of the test). The office "pool" is up to $35.00. Schedule (subject to change):

Wednesday, October 7
9:00am - Erdkinder & Upper Elementary
Thursday, October 8
9:00am - Primary & Lower Elementary & Infant Toddler

School Portrait Order Form

SBMS Annual Book Faire @ Chaucer's Book Store

A Fundraising Tradition for years!
Sunday, Oct. 11, 4:00 - 6:00pm

Known for our over-flowing crowds and record-setting purchases, it's reassuring to know SBMSers have books, use books, read books, write books, and generally appreciate the touch, feel, smell, and impact of books upon our lives.

Join us at Chaucer's bookstore for this Sunday afternoon tradition; every purchase nets a 25% donation from Chaucer's to SBMS's scholarship fund. Quickly, this is not a test, if you purchase $100 of books, you get the books and their incredible value, and SBMS receives a 25% donation from Chaucer's. Simple.

AND, you don't necessarily have to be at Chaucer's that Sunday, it's possible to purchase GIFT CERTIFICATES you can then gift to friends and family. The one detail about the CERTIFICATES is that they cannot be purchased at the FAIRE, they have to be ordered ahead of time. (This could be in the 'test' category).

Book Faire Gift Certificate Order Form

Lunch Program

Silvergreens Lunch Program
This is not part of the test, more a reminder of the possibility for lunch options.


Pizza every Friday

Login to download the Fall Lunch Order Form on the Current Parents page of the website.

New XD Primary Program

Extended Day for Primary level children

All XD children must be Pre-Registered
XD Pick-Up in Room 5

How do you get there? Short cut is behind the office trailer, slide through the gate on the side, and there you are!

Login to download the Additional Services Form on the Current Parents page of the website.

Changes keep changing. Why not? (see below)

Not to belabor the point, but there is a connection to the activities of the children. One of the basic principles put forth by Dr. Maria Montessori more than 100 years ago is the importance, impact, and benefit of the "prepared environment." In fact, Dr. Montessori stressed the "environment" not just as a concept, but as a "thing," that is, she didn't refer to the rooms where children spent their mornings as "classrooms," nor did she use the word "school." "Casa dei Bambini" was her description of the locale for children-"The Children's House" was meant to be something other than the "schools" of her day.
So, change for Dr.Montessori began from the top down as well as bottom up. No "classrooms." No "schools." She set out to change the world so that children's experiences could be different. Here's to the change. Why not?

Montessori - Why Not?


How fascinating is this?!?:

'Body Maps' in Babies' Brains

One more BTW:

Food? Eating? Suggestions from the kitchen

A Whole Meal

Axxess Book Are Here!

Come by the office and get your Axxess Book. Great deals on restaurants and entertainment, plus helping raise funds for SBMS! Books are $30 each and are on sale now through October 3.

Santa Barbara Axxess Book

SBMS Calendar Dates 2015-2016

Calendar Dates as of 9/18/15

Thanksgiving Holiday is Nov. 25 - 27

SBMS 2015-2016 Calendar Dates


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